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Cosmic Jellyfish Lamp

A Mesmerizing Experience!

Relax And Enjoy
Take a deep breath, put on some music, relax, and watch these life-like jellyfish dance with the current. It's like having your own aquarium but without the maintenance!

5 Lighting Settings + Auto-Transition Mode
Our Cosmic Jellyfish Lamp is illuminated by 18 LEDs, that enhance the tank with 5 different colour settings which you can choose from. Or select the automatic transition-mode and watch the colours change over time. 

Great Gift
The Jellyfish Lamp serves as a great addition to your bedroom, living room and/or office. Or buy it as an original gift for your friends and family.

Feeling Down?
The overall effect of the lights combined with the jellyfish is simply mesmerizing & fascinating. It might even reduce your stress & anxiety but will certainly create happy vibes around the house!

Automatic Shutdown
Do you want to fall asleep with the lights on? Don't worry about turning it off. The jellyfish lamp will automatically shut down after 4 hours.

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- Jellyfish move according to current.
- Illuminated with 18 LEDs: red, blue, green, pink, yellow.
- Auto-shutdown after 4 hours.
- USB power supply 100v-240v
- Supports 3 AA batteries (batteries not included)
- Tank wall material: ABS + acrylic
- Dimensions: 13.75" height x 5.25" diameter (34.9 cm x 13.3 cm)
- You may use distilled (best clarity) or tap water.

Note: these are not living jellyfish; they are soft plastic replicas with realistic movements.



Q: Are the Jellyfish real?
A: No, they are not real, the lamp comes with 2 very realistic silicone replicas. Nothing to worry about!

Q: Does it come with a charger?
A: It does come with a USB charger which you can simply adapt to your favourite output plug charger. You can also use 3AA batteries (not included).

Q: Does it take a lot of cleaning?
A: Not at all, just put fresh water in the aquarium when you feel like the water is getting a little bit cloudy. 

Q: Does this have Auto-shutdown, I would like to fall asleep with it on and don't want it on all night long? 
A: Yes, the auto-shutdown feature sets in after 4 hours.  

Q: Is this like a lava lamp and does it get hot?
A: No it never gets hot. Lava lamps use wax and heat up to create motion. This uses water and LED light which never gets hot. 

Q: What makes the jellyfish move?
A: The movement is created by a silent motor inside of the tank.

Q: Does it play music? 
A: No, there are no speakers built in the aquarium. You can check out our Cosmic Starlight Projector which does have that option. It will be a great addition to the jellyfish lamp! 

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